Miguel Espinoza is the reason I was blessed to discover flamenco. It was by pure coincidence that I saw him perform. It was at The Mercury Cafe in Denver, probably 12 years ago. I had never seen flamenco and his playing gave me chills. Flamenco has given me a form of expression that I could never have had with any other style of music. I've now been performing flamenco for approximately 8years and my life has changed. Miguel's fabulous personality comes out in his playing. He is a true artist that has touched me and many others over the years. I can only thank him for providing me this very special gift. I highly recommend him.

Mark Herzog 

Mark Herzog 

My position is simple - this recording contains some of the best musicianship ever recorded. If you listen you will understand what I mean. Bela Fleck said that track #5 was one of the most difficult pieces of music he has ever played.

This album is perfect in almost every way.

J.D Hastings

1 / 5

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